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        1. Welcome to Guangzhou Yoyoung Biotech.CO.,Ltd!
          Technology Center
          • Answer:1. Sample pad: absorbing sample;
            2. Colloidal gold pad: an anti monoclonal antibody labeled with gold particles;
            3. Nitrocellulose membrane:Results window, T line was coated by detecting material and monoclonal antibody,C line was coated by substance that combine with colloidal gold;
            4. Absorptive pad: absorbing superfluous samples。
          • Answer:Rapid test card using sandwich immunochromatography,the sample dissolves the gold mark on the gold pad and forms an antigen antibody complex.The compound surges to the T line and forms a sandwich with another coated monoclonal antibody,The larger complex aggregates to form the T line, and the superfluous gold mark particles move to the C line and appear color.
          • Answer:The band should be within 5 ~ 10 min. If a band has appeared after 10 min., the result shouldn’t be interpreted. Purple color comes from colloidal gold conjugate (gold-Monoclonal distemper antibody). A purple “Test Line” will be visible in the result window if there are enough distemper virus antigen in the specimen.
          • Answer:Yes, too low or high temperature can affect the result.
          • Answer: The sample for the test can be stored for about 1 year at -20C, and 2-3 years at -80C. The feces specimen is stable for 12 hours at room temperature and 48 hours at 2~8’C.
          • Answer:The principle of Anigen Rapid test kit is the chromatographic immunoassay. Capture antigen or antibody on the membrane can rapidly detect specific antigen or antibody. It can be used to detect various viruses or bacteria. Once the sample is added on the sample pad, the sample flow on the membrane, and then antigen or antibody in the sample react with capture material on the membrane. Control line confirms if the test is working properly. Specific capture materials and flow technique are very important for our test kit.
          • Answer:Even though the rapid test is less sensitive than PCR (sometimes PCR has a false-positive case though), these tests are very convenient for veterinarians for the accurate, fast, and easy diagnosis. These kinds of products exploiting scientific tools of antigen-antibody binding can help to find exact causative pathogen.
          • Answer:The temperature of the test kit and room should be same because of the moisture. So, when you are using the kit, incubate the pouch at room temperature for 30 minutes and then open the pouch of the test kit. Don’t freeze the test kit (below 2℃), but cool storage is OK. The sample will last about 1 year at -20C, and 2-3 years at -80C.
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