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          Yoyoung Three Diagnosis
          Release time:2018-03-15|edit:YOYOUNG


          · The most dangerous reason causing piglet diarrhea is virus in many cases. According to the data show, three major virus causing diarrhea is PEDV,TGEV and RV, in which the positive rate is rising for PEDV and RV, while TGEV is decreasing.

          The PED is found everywhere in the world with the characteristic high-speed spread,complicate infection way and fast incidence. The virus has 100% effect on piglet and cause the death. It can be happen in each season and popular in low temperature or seasons with sharp temperature differences.

          Yoyoung Three Diagnosis

          How to solve the situation when farm appear diarrhea? The most direct effective principle: Reduce environment virus quantity and improve protection against piglet from sow antibody.

          For faeces PEDV antigen Rapid Test Kit

          For colostrum PEDV antigen Rapid Test Kit

          For colostrum PED IgA antibody Elisa Test Kit

          The goal?

          1、Decreasing the viral load,Reducing virus transmission. Isolated detox sows, Cut off the route of transmission of carrying virus colostrum;

          2、Monitor sow IgA antibody and regulating the overall antibody level in pig farm.

          The operation progress?

          After sows were vaccinated by anti feeding, Infection acclimation or immunization, sows’ feces samples are taken before entering the delivery room, then using PEDV antigen rapid test kit for faeces to detect PEDV antigen on-site(produced by Yoyoung Biotech.,Company, with sensitivity 102TCID50/ml),to screen out sows expelling virus.If test result shows negative, the sows can enter into delivery room;If test result shows positive, it means the sow is iexpelling virus and its quantity of virus is still high and it is better not to enter the delivery room. Just keep on inspecting and do not enter into delivery room until the test result shows negative.

          Cleaning up and disinfect the fecal timely if the sow is in labor and has to enter the delivery room,and newborn piglet should be isolated and nursed by other sows.


          Sows in delivery room should be given more nutrition appropriately and paid special attention to sow delivery situation. Collecting the colostrum of sow during childbirth into a 2-3ml EP pipe and get rid of the first one, detecting PEDV antigen on-site using PEDV antigen rapid test kit for colostrum(produced by Yoyoung biotech.,the sensitivity of rapid test kit is 102TCID50/ml). Do the preliminary screening for sows with virus colostrum.If the PEDV shows positive ,it means sows colostrum carries virus with high quantity which is forbidden to be fed and the newborn piglet should be isolated and nursed by other sows (or it is suggested to feed magic milk for health and fitness). Just keep on monitoring expelling virus situation.If the PEDV shows negative , it means sow colostrum virus quantity is below sensibility 102TCID50/ml or free from virus then we can go into next process.


          Colostrum tested negative by PEDV test strip should be sent to laboratory for IgA antibody test using the PED IgA antibody Elisa test kit (produced by Yoyoung Biotech.,Company,when sow colostrum IgA antibody standard S/P≥0.6,the piglet has 50% effective protective ability; when sow colostrum IgA antibody stardard S/P≥1.0, the piglet has 80% effective protective ability; when sow colostrum IgA antibody standard is S/P≥1.2,the piglet has very strong effective protection ability.


          For PEDV, where the virus infects small intestine epithelial cells, the protective antibodies must either be present in the small intestine or adhere to the epithelium of the small intestine instead of being absorbed into the circulatory system to neutralize the pathogen in the small intestine and prevent PEDV infection.

          Newborn piglets are primarily protected by maternal antibodies through colostrum, and antibodies that protect piglets from PED infection in breast milk are mainly IgA.

          As an effective supplement to sows' anti feeding or vaccine immunization, implementation of the Magic Milk program through post-immunization testing of sows can effectively reduce morbidity and mortality in newly born piglets.

          Yoyoung three diagnosis, is the sharp edge of farm control of diarrhea, in the shortest time to identify the pathogen, cut off the infection, reduce the pressure of viral infection, and can effectively assess maternal antibody levels, strengthen the protection of piglets, minimize the losses of PED.


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