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        1. Welcome to Guangzhou Yoyoung Biotech.CO.,Ltd!
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          • Enterprise Tenet
            Wholeheartedly for customer service, quality first; everything to do for the customer, all the work done for the victory of the front! Everything is done for the client, everything is done for the frontline victory!
          • Our Mission
            By providing high-quality laboratory diagnostic products and services to help customers improve the prevention and treatment of animal diseases, make animal healthy, human healthy, animal and human harmony!
          • corporate vision
            Committed to becoming the worldwide leader of in vitro diagnostic for animal diseases! "China HUAWEI" in the field of IVD for animal diseases!
          • Business philosophy
            To be Pleasing to others and yourself; Good for others and yourself; let it be and happy for it;Happy with gain and loss!
          • Entrepreneurial spirit
            Innovation, Quality, Professionalism, Service, Value (IQSSV)
          • Company competitiveness
            Speed, consistency, acumen, flexibility and innovation
          • Contact number:020-85545250 85546505
          • 廣州市國際生物島螺旋三路8號三期二棟第七層
          • Mail:yoyoung@yy-bio.com

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