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        1. Welcome to Guangzhou Yoyoung Biotech.CO.,Ltd!
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          Guangzhou Yoyoung Biotech.CO.,Ltd(short for "Yoyoung"),founded in 2005,is specialized in animal disease in vitro diagnostic (IVD) product development, production, sales and third-party inspection services.

          Yoyoung has developed into a national high-tech enterprise and Guangzhou science and technology innovation small giant enterprise,also is a Standing member of the animal infectious diseases branch of the China animal husbandry and Veterinary Association.Our headquarter is located in Guangzhou International Bio Island,which enjoys a beautiful name with Bio-Medicine Manhattan.In 2014, Yoyoung has successfully listed on New OTC Market with stock name Yoyoung Biotechnology and Equity code 890581. At the end of 2016, Yoyoung has become the first batch of enterprises in China to be accepted by the GMP production line of Immunology Diagnostic Products of the Ministry of agriculture.In 2017, Yoyoung passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification.


          YOYOUNG has become one of the main suppliers of major animal diseases diagnostic products in China. It also provides comprehensive animal medicine inspection services and perfect animal health management programs.The reagents of animal disease in vitro researched independently by Yoyoung are in the leading position in the country. For example, the innovation of cow disease detection products has filled the domestic gap.


          While establishing a mature product marketing network throughout the country, Yoyoung focuses on building the third party veterinary testing center with a national chain of regional veterinary testing services as the core.It will provide more timely and convenient services for animal husbandry experts, scholars and grass roots veterinarians, and promote the level of disease diagnosis and information reform in animal diagnosis and treatment institutions, and comprehensively improve their management level, service quality and comprehensive competitiveness.


          YOYOUNG is based on China and continues to provide high-tech products and services to the world, and committed to becoming a new generation of industry leaders in the IVD of global animal disease.

          The core of our service is to maximize customer value, Optimization and multi-win-win.To contribute to the development of veterinary diagnosis and the development of animal and human health in China!



          • 2017
            In 2017, YOYOUNG passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification.
          • 2016
            Through the GMP acceptance of the Ministry of agriculture, the company has become the first batch of the country and the first enterprise in Guangdong to have the GMP production line of veterinary diagnostic products (Class A) of the Ministry of agriculture;
            YOYOUNG received the first product registration certificate;
            YOYOUNG successfully passed the national high-tech enterprises identification;
            YOYOUNG obtained the Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation small Giant Enterprise Certificate;
          • 2015
            YOYOUNG stationed in Guangzhou International Biological Island, established a national veterinary diagnostic products modernization production base.
          • 2014
            YOYOUNG began to set up R & D team, and started its own research and development.
          • 2013
            YOYOUNG has become the general agent of the economic animal diagnostic products of the South Korean Bionote group.
          • 2012
            YOYOUNG has established a strategic cooperative relationship with Bionote.
          • 2010
            YOYOUNG planed to "agent management and independent research production" dual-wheel drive development strategy.
          • 2005
            YOYOUNG was established, specializing in veterinary diagnosis and food safety testing products agent business.
          • Contact number:020-85545250 85546505
          • 廣州市國際生物島螺旋三路8號三期二棟第七層
          • Mail:yoyoung@yy-bio.com

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